This special diet by  the founder of macrobiotics George Ohsawa was introduced to me during a Yoga retreat , i would like to share it with everyone, as it is something outstanding, regarding diets and their purposes.

And hey, if you really never tried diets or even fasting:  DO IT !!!! i’ve been fasting once for 3 months, no solid food, just water, tea, juices, rich soups and i tell you, it will change you completely, i didn’t plan it that way, it started with a one week diet and it felt just amazing. i couldn’t stop NOT eating ( lol ). You think of hunger, weakness, depression ? NO WAY, but let’s go deeper into this special diet.




George Ohsawa has put together a most effective system for healing illness through diet; more precisely through the balancing of the Yin and Yang aspects of food.

The most radical cure in his system is a powerfully cleansing and balancing diet, which gives a Yang shock to the entire being:  Diet No.7

During this diet, one simply eats exclusively Yang cereals.The duration of the treatment is 10 days, due to the fact, that each day, one tenth of certain blood cells are renewed in our body.

Therefore in a 10 day period, the entire blood supply is changed.Since this blood is formed out of what we eat, it is logical to presume, that 10 days of an intensive Yang diet, will change the very polar predominance of the blood and because blood irrigates all tissues of the body, including the brain, this will have a strong impact upon the entire being.
The diet also allows the body to eliminate a great amount of toxins, that have been accumulated in the tissues. It consists basically of the following grains:

rice ( preferably integral or brown rice )

It is recommended, that the amount of water ( which is Yin ! ) during the entire period of the treatment, should be minimal. Therefore one can add water to these grains only during the cooking process. Instead of plain water, drink generous quantities of basil tea or other Yang herbal teas ( without additives ).

Yang herbal teas are mint tea ( mentha silvestris ), ripe tea or known as black tea, bancha tea ( Japanese green tea ).

Salt ( Yang ! ), preferably sea or rock salt, is allowed during the cure as well.

There are various forms of wheat ( e.g. spelt ) or wheat derived products such as bulgur, that may enrich your diet, pasta or noodle dishes should be made exclusively from the cereals prescribed ( no eggs ! ), be careful with that one.

some people try to make the diet more diverse by adding soybean and soybean derived products such as soy sauce, miso or tamari. However pay attention to the purity and brewing methods of these products. There are many phony, cheap products on the market, which have lost their Yang charge because of various chemical factors, involved in their preparation.
Another possible addition are sesame seeds and derived products such as gomasio or tahini as well as sesame oil.
Yet, some simply choose to perform the original, more severe diet for stronger effects.

In case of grave illness ( e.g. cancer ), the diet may also be performed ” in a chain ” of treatments. Thus it shall be done in several intervals of 10 day duration, with a 3 day break in between each interval. During those 3 day break, there must not be any Yin excesses, but rather a nourishing, still Yang predominant diet. It is recommended to consult a competent therapist in such cases.